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Assistance with job search

Some additional information about this service!

If you need assistance in searching and/or applying for a job, I will be more than willing to provide you with all the help necessary.

I help job seekers, students, businesses and career professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina to look for employment information and tools in our country as well as abroad. I provide help with resumes, cover letters, CVs, applications, biographies, profiles and job interviews.

In the private industry people get jobs by finding job openings and submitting their resumes or job applications .You can also research and apply for jobs online meaning that you can also apply for jobs abroad, which I can help you with.

There are plenty job openings abroad at any given time and citizenship is required for most of those jobs. However, some agencies hire non-citizens through special hiring procedures. Each vacancy announcement having unique application requirements, my task is to help you inquire about positions for non-citizens and provide you with all the help you need to get a job abroad.

In order to get a job you are interested in, there are several important stages, the most important being:

  • Finding a job opening
  • Applying for a job
  • Preparing for the interview

I can assist you with all of them.

In case you cannot manage to find a job advertisement yourself due to any reason, you can leave that task to me. All you need to do is to give me some information about the job you are interested in and, after I make you a list of available jobs based on the information you have given me, to choose a job that best fits your needs.

After you have found a job that you are interested in applying for, but you need help applying for it, have no worry! I can provide you with all the tips on how to make a profile on the internet for potential employers to see, as well as on how to write your resume, cover letter, CV, application, biography, or anything else that may be required or I can do all of it for you.

Once you have made it through to the interview stage, you will probably feel pleased, excited, even a bit scared. Although all this is perfectly normal, the most important thing for you, however, is to be prepared!

Interviewing is often considered the most stressful part of the job search. However, it does not have to be. It is both helpful and useful to consider interviews as an opportunity to show that you are an enthusiastic worker who would do a job well. You can make the most of that opportunity by being prepared, presenting a professional demeanor, and successfully communicating your qualifications to an employer. Targeting your skills to employer needs will show how serious you are about the position or company.

Employers interview candidates to find a good fit for their business. However, an interview is also your opportunity to learn more about an employer and the available job(s). The purpose of a job interview is for you and an employer to learn about one another.

Preparation being the key to a successful interview, I can provide you with the assistance to get ready for it by reviewing common interview questions with you, giving you tips on what questions to ask the employer, playing the role of a virtual employer by asking you questions you are typically asked during an interview and assessing your answers, etc.

For more information, get in touch with me via my contact form.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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