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Translation of documents

Some additional information about this service!

If you share the vision of excellence in translation, you should not entrust your Serbian-English-Serbian translation to just anyone!

Believing that much could be done to improve the standard of translations between Serbian and English, I specialized exclusively in translation between Serbian and English.

Striving to quality written translation, I make sure

  • that a translation does justice to your content,
  • that it is accurate and true to the original, and
  • that the final translated text is in the quality native English or Serbian.

In order to maintain quality, I do a multi-draft process of translating texts during which I constantly communicate with the client.

These are the stages of a typical multi-draft process of translating texts:

  1. The client sends me their source document.
  2. I exchange with the client essential information about the purpose of the text and the client`s specific needs.
  3. I begin translating the text, using all the means I have at my disposal.
  4. Depending on the translation, I make a glossary which is used to standardise the terminology used in the text and in future projects I may undertake for the client. I sometimes submit this glossary to the client for inspection as clients often have an existing base of established terminology in their field.
  5. When the initial draft is complete, it is sent to the client. The client is given the opportunity to respond to any outstanding queries since there usually are a few issues only the client can resolve. After all, the client knows their subject area best!
  6. The client returns the draft to me. I make changes, if necessary, clean up the text and proof it entirely one more time. This is usually the final version.

I consider these stages a minimum required to ensure that my clients receive the quality of English-Serbian or Serbian-English translation that they expect.

Although my primary focus is Serbian, I may also consider translation projects into English from other, closely-related languages (Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin), which represent no difficulty for a Serbian-English translator.

I do not currently take on:

  • legal or heavily technical documentation or texts from other specialised areas,
  • “Court notarised” types of document.

However, I will consider each project on an individual basis so feel free to contact me via my contact form.